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The Capacity Building for Research at Minority-Serving Institutions: Infrastructure Research Readiness (CyBR-MSI: IRR) program seeks to increase the capacity of researchers from Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) to produce competitive proposals to National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Computer Science and Engineering (CISE) core programs. The purpose of the CyBR-MSI: IRR program is threefold: (1) to help participants assess their campuses’ research infrastructure and prioritize improvements; (2) to form a community of practice among researchers and research infrastructure administrators from MSIs focused on capacity building of research infrastructure; and (3) to co-create, with campus leadership, an action plan for research ready infrastructure for strong grant proposals for NSF CISE core programs.

The CyBR-MSI: IRR program comprises:

  1. Request for Proposals (RFP), that provides up to 12 research teams, composed of faculty, research administrators, and staff, with stipends to join Cohort 1 of the CyBR-MSI: IRR program.
  2. Research Infrastructure Assessment Tool (RIAT) that provides the framework for research teams to assess their campus’ research readiness.
  3. Community of Practice (CoP) that provides research teams with guided inquiry, reflective activities, and peer mentoring to inventory and assess their campus research infrastructure while team building and expanding their understanding of infrastructure research readiness.
  4. Mentoring Program (MP) that provides research teams with experienced coaching to support their progress throughout the program.
  5. Culminating Action Planning Meeting (CAP) where campus department heads, deans, provosts, and presidents collaborate with their research teams to develop an action plan for positive change.