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The purpose of the CyBR-MSI program is threefold: to (1) help participants identify and co-create research ideas for NSF CISE core programs; (2) form and develop teams among researchers from MSIs; and (3) establish the groundwork for strong grant proposals.

The program includes: (1) a three-day Networking, Ideation & Team-building Workshop (NITW) in which researchers will form teams and collectively develop teamwork competencies; (2) a five-week Proposal Development Workshop (PDW) that will provide research teams with instruction, writing labs, and expert feedback on the development of key proposal components; (3) a Mentoring Program (MP) that will give each research team experienced coaching; and (4) a Mini-Grant Program (MGP) that will offer seed funding for research projects.

These components will provide robust scaffolding to MSI researchers to develop competencies of team performance and proposal competitiveness through facilitated ideation, team building, instruction, practice, review, and mentoring.