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The 2020 Conference on Increasing Participation of MSIs in National Science Foundation (NSF) Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Core Programs, held in Arlington, Va. in February 2020, brought together more than 90 MSI science, computing, and engineering faculty and researchers with the goal of increasing the number and competitiveness of MSI researchers? proposals to proposals to CISE core programs.

The conference featured plenary sessions led by veteran MSI researchers and NSF representatives, who provided insights on CISE research opportunities, past MSI workshops, building successful partnerships, positioning institutions for success, and more. Breakout sessions facilitated conversations between attendees and more than 35 NSF representatives, offering valuable face time with NSF program officers and directors as well as opportunities to contribute recommendations on how NSF can better support MSI researchers. Networking opportunities provided pathways to build connections and collaborations with other MSI researchers in attendance.

Conference discussions highlighted several common research constraints among MSIs that hinder the ability of their faculty to effectively apply and compete for research opportunities: heavy teaching loads and low salaries; a lack of financial, institutional, and infrastructural support for research; and the shared sentiment among MSI faculty that there are limited rewards for pursuing research opportunities.

The conference report is available here